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This guy wanted a ride in Mistress Katja's car. Before she agreed to his request, she made him smell her stinky feet and sniff her smelly socks

When Mistress Katja decides to play with her slave, she decides to play rough. She loves pushing him beyond his normal limits of pain. She lifts her sofa and tells him to sit under it. She doesn't care that her heavy leather sofa is resting on his stomach. When she is ready, she sits on the sofa, adding more pressure to him. She loves watching him fight the pain and when he starts to groan, she makes him kiss and lick the bottom of her spit covered shoes.

When Mistress Katja gets a new pair of jeans, she can't wait to show them to her slave. She puts her slave on the floor in the dressing room and sits on his face. She loves felling him struggle to breathe. She knows that he is sniffing all of her ass and pussy. She knows that he is hurting but she doesn't care. She needs him to have a close up view of her new jeans.

Mistress Katja has on some bad ass black high heel boots. She is in the mood for inflicting pain on someone. When she finds a willing slave she makes him put out his hands and so she can step all over them with those heels. The pain is brutal. This vixen puts dents all through his poor hands before they start throbbing from her. She ends with her bare feet massaging them.

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