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Mistress Katja did not like how her slave humiliated her in front of her visitors. She waited for them to leave and she took him outside and she tortured him. She made him lick the soles of her heels and she kicked him and trampled him as cruelly as she could manage. She did not want to know whether he was in pain or not. He had to pay for what he did.

Mistress Katja has a slave because she likes to have all kinds of fun at his expense. She enjoys to do nasty things to him. She trampled him and she sat on him and jumped on him. She would fall on his stomach and instruct him not to make a sound. It was cruel but he did not have a choice but to endure all the pain that she sent his way.

Mistress Katja did not like how her slave's mouth was stinking. He did not heed her call to improve his oral hygiene. She decided to make him do it and she did it by facesitting on him. She had her ass, which she made sure was smelly, on his mouth and she made sure he licked it and he smelled it. Then she told him if he did not improve his oral hygiene, that was the treatment he should look forward to every day.

This loser made fun of Lena and her friend and he lived to regret it. They made him lie down and then facesat on his face and even farted on his face

Mistress Katja will never turn down an offer to smother a slave. She is very happy to assist, and she will even put on her favorite jeans. Once her slave arrives, she is going to smash, crush, and smother her slave. When her slave is begging for her to stop, she still will not. Mistress Katja is so happy as she sits on the slave.

Comfort and happiness is what Mistress Katja wants. She wants to be able to apply her make up so she rests her round ass on the face of her slave. She knows the smell of her ass will drive him crazy as he sniffs it through the denim. She loves to smother him, forcing him to inhale the air from her ass and pussy. She is able to apply her makeup with him as her stool.

Russian blonde Katja puts her slave in his place as she strangles him with her bare hands and gives him a couple of slaps in the face to let him know who is in charge. She also pins her slave down on the leather table with her sexy jeans ass right over the top of his throat cutting off his windpipe.The slave has trouble catching his breath underneath her

Sexy Russian girl katja abuses her slave by using his face as her human chair as she face sits on top of him after having a nice long workout session on her elliptical machine. The hot Russian chick is dressed in her all white workout outfit and plants her cute ass right on top of the slaves nose and mouth forcing him to breathe in her sweaty ass and pussy

Sadistic mistress Katja will humiliate her slaves to the fullest extent even if it means that they won't be able to breathe. She treats this pathetic slave like her human couch, as she tells him to lay down with his face up! She sits on his face with her hard jeans. She puts here full weight on him, with her ass smothering him! This sexy femdom only gets up to make sure that he isn't dead, and then sits right back on his loser face!

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