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Mistress Katja wanted to toughen up her slave so she humiliated him and tortured him to achieve that. She started by turning him into her human ashtray. She made him endure the pain that came with the cigarette. He cried but the mistress told him to hang in there so that he could be tougher than he was. He had no option but to endure the pain and the torture.

Mistress Katja has a slave because she likes to have all kinds of fun at his expense. She enjoys to do nasty things to him. She trampled him and she sat on him and jumped on him. She would fall on his stomach and instruct him not to make a sound. It was cruel but he did not have a choice but to endure all the pain that she sent his way.

Mistress Katja wanted to pump some sense into this loser. She did that by making him lie down and sitting on his face with her ass. She was wearing her jeans as she facesat on him and she had fun making him cry like a little baby. She nearly choked him as he had difficulties breathing since she blocked his mouth and his nose as she sat on his face.

When Mistress Katja gets home, she puts her slave on his back. She enjoys walking in her new shoes but she wants something more. She walks on her slave in them, just to make sure she can walk anywhere in them. She is happy to take the shoes off and walk all over him with her bare feet. She puts her feet in his face. She loves playing her games with him.

When Mistress Katja gets home, she puts her slave on his back. She wants to try to trample him because her best friend told her all about it. She is happy to walk all over him in her black boots. She walks on his chest, stomach and face. She enjoys jumping on him and making him turn red in the face. When she takes off her boot, she toes and nudges his face hard.

When Mistress Katja decided to get dressed, she needed help. She called her slave over to her and had him lie down. She stepped on his head and started looking through her clothing racks for something cute to wear. As she looked, she had to shift her weigh. It didn't matter to her that he was hurting, she needed the boost to see what she wanted. She didn't pick anything from the closet to wear after all.

Mistress Katja is the last mistress anyone would want to fuck with. She may look nice and sweet, but her grin is the amusement of standing on a slave's face with her bare feet. She is going to use her slave as a human carpet. She will stand right on his face, and chuckle as he moans in pain. She is so happy and is laughing.

Mistress Katja knows when her slave needs to be punished. She doesn't allow him to find any pleasure without her so whens he is seen at an art gallery, she punishes him instantly. She gets on top of him, walking up his chest and putting her pink sneaker in his face. She forces him to smell her sock covered feet. Just to make sure he understands her anger, she smothers him with her bare feet.

To her slave, Mistress Katja's black suede boots are the ultimate persuader. She orders him to lie down against a wall---she can't have him trying to squirm away once the pain starts---and begins to trample him. The spikes of her heels dig into his chest and torso, and he screams in pain. All the better for Mistress Katja: she loves it when men suffer beneath her. While her slave gasps in pain, she strips off her shoes and continues to trample him.

Mistress Katjas enjoys a glass of champagne while she allows her slave to worship her nylon covered feet, smelling licking, and kissing them. She soon tires of his pathetic attempts to please her, though, and she turns to chest trampling and then face trampling for her own amusement. The pathetic slave whines in pain, but this femdom queen doesn't care how he feels about how she has her fun.

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