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Lovely but deadly babe Mistress Katja gets creative with facestanding punishment and humiliation of her slave and takes him outdoors to make him feel pain. He is clearly in pain as she tramples him and walks all over him with her full weight like he was a human carpet. She uses him as a human bridge then makes him eat plum cake off her feet and from between her toes.

Mistress Katja is a sadist. She can use anything to make her slave experience pain. She used her denim to trample her slave's face

She placed her slave on the stairs and then trampled him with her sneakers. She did not care the kind of pain he was in. All she wanted was to have fun

These two mistresses wanted to enjoy their day and they called a slave to make it better. They made him lick their shoes and then facesat on him with their denim jeans

This loser made fun of Mistress Katja. Being in a foul mood, she sought to teach him a lesson. She turned on hin abruptly and kicked him hard and slapped him till he begged for mercy

Today Katja wanted a different slave. She made him remove his top and trampled his face with her high heels and then again with her bare feet. She did not care about his obvious pain and discomfort

If Mistress Katja can't have privacy when she is using the mall restroom, she will drag her slave in and show him what he doesn't want to see. She as she was using the restroom, she saw him peep under the stall. She pulls him in and lays him on the floor. She then steps on the toilet and walks on his face. She will show him that sometimes quiet concern is best.

Mistress Katja doesn't like to be kept waiting and she doesn't like being told she can't have something because her slave can't afford it. When she takes her slave to the mall and his credit card is declined, she is livid. She takes him into the restroom and sits on his face. She then puts his face in the toilet and she is happy to tell him how worthless he is to her.

Mistress Katja's new slave does not know what to expect when he is called over to her place. He is ordered to lie on the sofa with his face up. Now Katja approaches him and sits on his face. Wow! He never had this happen to him before, what kind of cruel and unusual punishment is this? He is having trouble breathing but can't even scream for help as Katja is sitting on top of his mouth and nose. He will soon pass out if Katja does not allow him to breath

Mistress Katja is a super hot mistress that loves to get on her pink boots and do humiliating things to her slave. She will have one of her favorite slaves come over, because she is ready for some hardcore trampling fun. Her slave will be in so much pain as she jumps on his body over and over. Mistress Katja is laughing at what a loser he is.

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