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Mistress Katja did not like how her slave's mouth was stinking. He did not heed her call to improve his oral hygiene. She decided to make him do it and she did it by facesitting on him. She had her ass, which she made sure was smelly, on his mouth and she made sure he licked it and he smelled it. Then she told him if he did not improve his oral hygiene, that was the treatment he should look forward to every day.

Rainy days are not a favorite of Mistress Katja. She calls a friend over to help her play with her slave. They order him to lay on the sofa and they start jumping and landing on him. They want their asses to make as much impact as possible. They don't care that they are landing on his face, chest and stomach and leaving bruises. They want to have fun with their asses and this is what they do.

When Mistress Katja starts playing with her slave, she makes him very uncomfortable. She finds the oldest, smelliest pair of jeans she has and lays them on the couch. She finds the matching panties and calls him over. She stuffs his mouth with her dirty panties and puts his head down on the stinky jeans. She sits on his neck to make sure that he understands how much she wants him to sniff her filth.

Mistress Katja can be very cruel when she wants to and today she is in the mood to torture her slave as she cleans his only tooth brush with the bottoms of her shoes and inside the toilet bowl. she also spits on his tooth brush and rubs the bristles on the dirty bathroom floor for extra measure. The slave is going to have a nasty taste when he brushes his teeth.

Sexy Russian mistress Katja forces her slave to lie down on the floor and places this couch on his chest so he can't move. He has to lick her sexy black high heels clean while getting slowly crushed under the weight of the couch. It is torture and humiliation for the slave as he is forced to lick all of the dirt from the bottom of her sexy sandals.

The slaves legs are bound to the couch so he cant use them to protect his balls as Mistress Katja gives him some swift kicks to his balls in her white and blue sneakers. She gives him a few hard kicks to his balls before she starts to trample him and his balls in her sexy sneakers. the slave screams in agony as Katja tramples and kicks his balls hard.

The sexy Russian mistress Katja's slave was really lazy the last week so she decided to give him a good trampling to teach his lazy ass a lesson. hes lying on the floor at the very bottom of the stairs s she comes down with her purple boots on and tramples right over his body like he's her human stairs. She tramples over his torso and his cock and balls.

Lick sexy Russian mistress Katja's shoes clean as you grovel at her feet underneath the table like a good slave. She is wearing her dirty pair of shoes and you are supposed to lick them clean like a good little doggie. if you don't do it she will stomp your face hard with the heavy soles of her sexy shoes. So lick the hot Russian mistress's shoes like a slave.

Hot Russian Mistress Katja makes this slave foot worship her by shoving her sneakers, smelly socks and sweaty bare feet right into his nose and mouth as she sits in the backseat of the car. The slave is forced to smell the feet of the sexy Katja and he must endure her stinky socks and then get a whiff of her bare feet as she sticks them in his face

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