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Mistress Katja was in the mood to step on something hard. Her slave was not around and she had no food to trample. She stepped inside her car and pressed hard on the gas peddle

Mistress Katja never strays from anything brutal when it comes to her slaves. She is going to have the time of her life making her slave do things that are super humiliating. She will get out her plastic, so that she is able to put the plastic wrap all over his face. She will ever think about trampling him to make sure he knows what a bitch he is.

Mistress Katja never misses a phone call. As a matter of fact, she loves it when her phone rings, especially when she is sitting on some loser's face. Not only is she in a good mood, but she is totally making fun of the loser as she is smashing on his face. Mistress Katja is laughing the entire time and thinks her slave is a fucking loser.

Mistress Katja loves it when it's time for a slave to audition to be her loser slave. The reason she laughs so hard is because she is wearing a hot pair of jeans, and her highest heeled boots. She knows she is super intimidating, so watching some pathetic slave in front of her shitting his pants makes her laugh so hard. She will demean every slave today.

Mistress Katja loves her black spiked heels. They make her feel look so good, but the best part of her heels is when she walks on the face of her slave. He is such a fucking loser, so when she stands on his face, she is deeply amused. She even takes off her shoes, and smashes her bare feet into his face to make him smell her feet.

Mistress Katja never fails when it comes to finding a new way to use her slave. She has always wanted a trampoline, so what better than to use her slave. She will jump up and down on his body inflicting a huge amount of pain, but she doesn't care. Mistress Katja will do as she pleases, and her slave must obey no matter how painful it can get.

Mistress Katja specializes in having the best human furniture. She will have her slave become a human chair. The slave knows that pain is not an option, and that he must be her chair for as long as she desires. Mistress Katja will even put her bare feet on his face. The slave will be her chair for as long as she deems, but he must obey.

Comfort and happiness is what Mistress Katja wants. She wants to be able to apply her make up so she rests her round ass on the face of her slave. She knows the smell of her ass will drive him crazy as he sniffs it through the denim. She loves to smother him, forcing him to inhale the air from her ass and pussy. She is able to apply her makeup with him as her stool.

When she knows her slave is hungry, she wants to help them. Especially when they have been good. She takes the time to prepare a great meal for her slave combined with her spit. She knows the taste of her in their meal will be a great treat for them and she wants them to have every drop. She eats and spits their food into a doggy bowl because they will be allowed to eat at her feet.

Mistress Katja has decided to punish a misbehaving slave, and nothing cures misbehavior like getting the breath strangled out of you. First blonde, sexy Mistress Katja uses her hands to strangle her slave. She then changes position, trapping his face between his thighs, squeezing his neck until his face begins to turn red. She switches positions again, pushing her foot against his windpipe. Her slave's face turns redder with each position, pushing him to the point of blackout.

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