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Mistress Katjas spits on the toilet and orders you to clean it up with your tongue. Only a pathetic slave like you would do such a thing, but if you do a good job, your femdom goddess promises you a special treat. She'll order you to fall to your knees and open your mouth. Then, she'll spit right in your mouth so you can truly serve her.

Mistress Katjas enjoys a glass of champagne while she allows her slave to worship her nylon covered feet, smelling licking, and kissing them. She soon tires of his pathetic attempts to please her, though, and she turns to chest trampling and then face trampling for her own amusement. The pathetic slave whines in pain, but this femdom queen doesn't care how he feels about how she has her fun.

Mistress Katjas makes her pathetic slave clean off the soles of her boots and kiss them all over before she uses them for some very hard chest trampling and painful treatment. Finally, mercifully, she takes the boots off, but she's not done trampling, and this femdom queen jumps all over her slave in her socks ignoring every whimper and every cry of pain that comes out of his pathetic mouth.

Mistress Katjas puts her nylon covered feet right up to the camera to allow foot fetish slaves to dream of smelling, kissing, licking, and loving this femdom queen's lovely feet. She puts them in many positions to allow any foot slave to imagin what it would be like to lavish attention on her toes, her heels, and her soles as she relaxes and ignores your pathetic desires to please her.

For a femdom princess like Mistress Katjas, it doesn't matter how much a slave moans and cries. When he convulses in pain, it's just part of her fun. When he begs her to stop, it just tells her she's doing everything right. In this clip, the merciless girl jumps up and down, landing hard on his body with her feet and her ass while he begs her to stop.

When it comes to face sitting, nobody does it like Mistress Katja! This blonde haired vixen knows just what she is doing, and she is really good at it! Watch her sit on this poor slaves face! You can sure tell she is enjoying every minute of this torture! She even sits in front of the mirror looking at herself, admiring her beauty while he is being smothered! You can even hear him moan!

Time to try out her newest toy! The face trampling box! Lovely blonde haired Mistress Katja uses her new toy and her new sneakers just how she pleases! She binds up her slave leaving him helpless, then she begins to trample his face! She tramples him until his face turns red! Mistress Katja leaves him gasping for air underneath her stinky smelly feet, with and without socks. What will she do next!

As punishment hot blonde headed Mistress Katja uses her slave as a pony, he rides her around on his back and his shoulders. He moans and groans from the weight of Mistress Katja on his tired back and shoulders, but she continues on whipping him making him go faster! Whether he deserves the punishment or not, he is getting it rough! You can see him tremble from his muscles aching!

Blonde long haired Mistress Katja wanted to test out her new crops and whips on her slave, so she takes him on a leash into her living room. She makes him get down on his knees and she uses him as a pony, riding him around the room. Mistress Katja even spanks him to make him go faster. Looks like her pony is getting a wee bit tired, maybe she should spank him harder!

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