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Mistress Katja wanted to pump some sense into this loser. She did that by making him lie down and sitting on his face with her ass. She was wearing her jeans as she facesat on him and she had fun making him cry like a little baby. She nearly choked him as he had difficulties breathing since she blocked his mouth and his nose as she sat on his face.

Mistress Katja did not like how her slave's mouth was stinking. He did not heed her call to improve his oral hygiene. She decided to make him do it and she did it by facesitting on him. She had her ass, which she made sure was smelly, on his mouth and she made sure he licked it and he smelled it. Then she told him if he did not improve his oral hygiene, that was the treatment he should look forward to every day.

Mistress Katja had asked this guy to clean her pool but he did a shoddy job and she was not impressed. She had assumed he would do a stellar job so she paid him in advance. But when he did a poor job, she crushed his hands and fingers on the edge of the pool and made him redo the work to her satisfaction without adding even a single coin.

This loser made fun of Lena and her friend and he lived to regret it. They made him lie down and then facesat on his face and even farted on his face

Mistress Katja doesn't like to be kept waiting and she doesn't like being told she can't have something because her slave can't afford it. When she takes her slave to the mall and his credit card is declined, she is livid. She takes him into the restroom and sits on his face. She then puts his face in the toilet and she is happy to tell him how worthless he is to her.

Mistress Katja enjoys buying new things. She just bought a new ottoman for her living room. She calls her slave into the room and tells him this is the new punishment chair. She tells him to put his head in and she makes sure he is secure before she sits. She puts her denim covered ass in his face and sits to block his mouth. She told him what would lead to him being there all day and enjoys demonstrating her new piece of furniture.

Rainy days are not a favorite of Mistress Katja. She calls a friend over to help her play with her slave. They order him to lay on the sofa and they start jumping and landing on him. They want their asses to make as much impact as possible. They don't care that they are landing on his face, chest and stomach and leaving bruises. They want to have fun with their asses and this is what they do.

When Mistress Katja gets dressed, she has to finish at her vanity table. She puts her slave in position and sits her denim covered as sin his face. She leans and wiggles until her makeup is precisely applied. She enjoys the way his knows tickles her ass and the way his breath warmed her pussy. when she is finished, she is feeling great and ready to fuck the day away.

When Mistress Katja gets home, she immediately binds her slave. She is happy to put him on the floor and sit in his face. She knows that he doesn't understand why she has her ass in his face or why his breathe is warming her crotch. She doesn't have to explain, she just sits there. She doesn't care that her weight is hurting his face. She loves her seat and intends on staying put for a while.

When Mistress Katja gets a new pair of jeans, she can't wait to show them to her slave. She puts her slave on the floor in the dressing room and sits on his face. She loves felling him struggle to breathe. She knows that he is sniffing all of her ass and pussy. She knows that he is hurting but she doesn't care. She needs him to have a close up view of her new jeans.

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