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When Mistress Katja decides to play with her slave, she decides to play rough. She loves pushing him beyond his normal limits of pain. She lifts her sofa and tells him to sit under it. She doesn't care that her heavy leather sofa is resting on his stomach. When she is ready, she sits on the sofa, adding more pressure to him. She loves watching him fight the pain and when he starts to groan, she makes him kiss and lick the bottom of her spit covered shoes.

Having a slave is a big chore, because they need to be trained properly. Therefore, time must be spent making sure the slave knows their place. A slave is going to be trained to clean nylons that are dirty. This means he must know how to lick and suck every ounce of sweaty feet from the nylons. He will be punished greatly for fucking up.

When she knows her slave is hungry, she wants to help them. Especially when they have been good. She takes the time to prepare a great meal for her slave combined with her spit. She knows the taste of her in their meal will be a great treat for them and she wants them to have every drop. She eats and spits their food into a doggy bowl because they will be allowed to eat at her feet.

This sexy woman is going to show you right nhow how you should lick her spit up off the ground. She walks outside in her big black boots and she wants to show you what a spit slave should do for her. She pulls her hair back with one hand and then begins spitting all over the ground. Now, she would want you to come in and lick up all her spit.

get down on your knees and get ready to be used as a human ashtray for the sexy blonde Mistress Katja. It is the price you pay for being allowed to see her smoke her cigarette. You must open your mouth and take in all of her smoke and her ashes. You must also receive all of her spit as you will serve as her human spittoon. And swallow it up.

Mistress Katjas spits on the toilet and orders you to clean it up with your tongue. Only a pathetic slave like you would do such a thing, but if you do a good job, your femdom goddess promises you a special treat. She'll order you to fall to your knees and open your mouth. Then, she'll spit right in your mouth so you can truly serve her.

The newest employee is such an ass kisser. And who wouldn't be to beautiful Mistress Katja. In order for him to keep his job he has to crawl underneath her desk and lick the hot spit dripping off of her high heels along with the dirt from walking through the dirty sidewalk. With windows everyone can see what this ass kisser is willing to do. Well at least he keeps his job for the time being.

A good spitting all over your face is what you deserve. Mistress Katja is bent over showing her angel face but what comes out is no way near lady like. She imagines this spit coming out and onto the table is your face instead. She would love to smear her saliva all over and watch you gag on her spit cocktail while she is laughing at your weakness.

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