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Mistress Katja could not believe what her slave had done. Her slave had stolen some stuff from her and sold them online. She had to make sure he paid her the full value of what he told plus interest. She trampled him with her high heels on and made him cry like a little girl. When she was done, she chased him away after he had paid her the value of what he had stolen.

Mistress Katja did not like how her slave humiliated her in front of her visitors. She waited for them to leave and she took him outside and she tortured him. She made him lick the soles of her heels and she kicked him and trampled him as cruelly as she could manage. She did not want to know whether he was in pain or not. He had to pay for what he did.

Mistress Katja was paid by her friend to show her how to punish a slave and to have fun at the expense of a slave. She accepted and she brought a slave who she made lick her shoes and even chew them. The mistresses trampled him and told him not to make a sound or else the mistresses would trample him with their high heels. He endured all the pain and they had fun humiliating him.

She placed her slave on the stairs and then trampled him with her sneakers. She did not care the kind of pain he was in. All she wanted was to have fun

These two mistresses wanted to enjoy their day and they called a slave to make it better. They made him lick their shoes and then facesat on him with their denim jeans

When Mistress Katja tells her slave to clean the toilet, it needs to be cleaned. She finds that the toilet isn't clean enough and she grabs the slave to punish him. Rather than brutally smack him, she shoves his head into the toilet so that he can see why she is angry and upset. As soon as she lets him up, she tells him to clean the toilet again or he would be drinking toilet water.

When Mistress Katja starts playing with her slave, she makes him very uncomfortable. She finds the oldest, smelliest pair of jeans she has and lays them on the couch. She finds the matching panties and calls him over. She stuffs his mouth with her dirty panties and puts his head down on the stinky jeans. She sits on his neck to make sure that he understands how much she wants him to sniff her filth.

Katja has a good slave at her disposition for an afternoon of fun. She can do whatever she wants with him. Choke him, strangle him, slap him. Whatever she feels like doing with him she can, he knows he has no choice but to accept whatever way she treats him. She is such a cruel bitch and she has no limits. Even when he screams in pain she will just continue slapping and dominating him. What a cruel afternoon session for this dumb slave.

Mistress Katja has dirty nylons. She is going to have one of her loser slaves come over, because he thinks he will just worship her feet. That will not be the case. Mistress Katja will take off her nylons and demand her slave start to clean her nylons. The slave will do exactly what is told of him and clean her nylons. She gets what she wants.

Mistress Katja is always enjoying a good time with a cigarette. She runs into a slave in the hall and immediately she gets an idea. Mistress Katja will make him drop to his knees and start to worship her feet. She is laughing and smoking at the same time at how stupid he looks. Mistress Katja is so amused by how stupid he looks on the ground.

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