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Mistress Katja is a sadist. She can use anything to make her slave experience pain. She used her denim to trample her slave's face

Mistress Katja wanted to punish her slave by the poop so she inserted her smelly feet in water to lie to her slave that they were clean.

Variety is at the heart of Mistress Katja's humiliation and domination. She likes to try different things. With her friend, they brought a slave some food but before he could eat it, they stepped on it with their dirty shoes

When Mistress Katja goes outside, she does it barefoot. She knows that her feet will get dirty but she doesn't care. She comes back in and sits. When she commands her slave down to her feet, he got into position under her feet. She was happy to have him lick the dirt and grit off her bare feet. She doesn't expect him to swallow but she does want her feet cleaned.

Mistress Katja has spent the entire day walking around the city and now she is home she is ready for her slave to use his skilled tongue and lick her sexy high heels clean! He uses his tongue and licks her heels and makes sure that they are completely spotless and for his reward Mistress Katja lets him take off her sexy heels and smell her sweaty warm nylon covered feet!

Mistress Katja is a sexy mistress who is taking her slave for a walk. She hooks him up to a collar and dog leash and makes him walk down on the sidewalk on his hands and knees. She then finds a park bench and sits down and makes him lick her boots clean. Once her boots are clean she rewards him for a good job and lets him eat her cigarette ashes.

Mistress Katja is a sexy brunette mistress wearing a pair of brown high heel boots when she sits down on the couch and holds her legs out to her loser slave. Her slave takes his tongue and licks her boots clean from top to bottom. While he is licking her boots she constantly tells him that he is a loser and worthless. Then she has him take off her boots and socks and licks her bare sweaty feet clean.

The newest employee is such an ass kisser. And who wouldn't be to beautiful Mistress Katja. In order for him to keep his job he has to crawl underneath her desk and lick the hot spit dripping off of her high heels along with the dirt from walking through the dirty sidewalk. With windows everyone can see what this ass kisser is willing to do. Well at least he keeps his job for the time being.

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