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Mistress Katja never fails when it comes to domination. She is going to completely use and abuse her slave that doesn't follow directions. The slave though being lazy was a good thing, however once she instructs her slave on the stairs, he knows he is in deep shit. She will walk up and down on his body with all of her weight smashing him with her feet.

Mistress Katja has a very sexy body. She is build like a brick shit house, so when she puts on her denim jeans it is go time. She is going to sit on top of her slave and use him as a human chair. She could give a shit less if it is hurting him, because he is nothing to her and she thinks he is a fucking loser.

Mistress Katja is a very energetic young lady, but she also has a twist of sadistic inside of her. She is going to take her human slave boy and start jumping and trampling him. He is going to be completely beat up by her. She will use all of her body weight and jump up and down on him over and over again. She is so amused.

Mistress Katjas enjoys a glass of champagne while she allows her slave to worship her nylon covered feet, smelling licking, and kissing them. She soon tires of his pathetic attempts to please her, though, and she turns to chest trampling and then face trampling for her own amusement. The pathetic slave whines in pain, but this femdom queen doesn't care how he feels about how she has her fun.

Mistress Katjas makes her pathetic slave clean off the soles of her boots and kiss them all over before she uses them for some very hard chest trampling and painful treatment. Finally, mercifully, she takes the boots off, but she's not done trampling, and this femdom queen jumps all over her slave in her socks ignoring every whimper and every cry of pain that comes out of his pathetic mouth.

For a femdom princess like Mistress Katjas, it doesn't matter how much a slave moans and cries. When he convulses in pain, it's just part of her fun. When he begs her to stop, it just tells her she's doing everything right. In this clip, the merciless girl jumps up and down, landing hard on his body with her feet and her ass while he begs her to stop.

Workouts are boring as hell and Katja really doesn't like to do it but she knows she has to. To spice things up she has her slave lie on the floor while she puts her exercise bench on his chest and throat nearly choking him to death but of course this sexy mistress would not let it go that far but she gets it close and loves the face expression from him.

When Katja tells you to do something, you better do it. On a date this mistress gets a little bored with this nerd and drags him into the bathroom to blow some steam. No she is not fucking him but she is chest trampling with her six inch high heels on first and then bare foot for his face. Even other women coming in and seeing her punishment are clapping for her being so dominant.

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