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Lovely but deadly babe Mistress Katja gets creative with facestanding punishment and humiliation of her slave and takes him outdoors to make him feel pain. He is clearly in pain as she tramples him and walks all over him with her full weight like he was a human carpet. She uses him as a human bridge then makes him eat plum cake off her feet and from between her toes.

She placed her slave on the stairs and then trampled him with her sneakers. She did not care the kind of pain he was in. All she wanted was to have fun

These two mistresses wanted to enjoy their day and they called a slave to make it better. They made him lick their shoes and then facesat on him with their denim jeans

Mistress Katja wanted to show off her skills in trampling to her friend. So she got a slave and then trampled on his face with her high heels. The only difference is this time she did it with her hands as opposed to her feet

Mistress Katja and her friend want this slave to cry and bed for mercy. So they trample on his body and make him feel their full weight on his stomach and on his back. He soon enough cries and begs them to have mercy on him

Today Katja wanted a different slave. She made him remove his top and trampled his face with her high heels and then again with her bare feet. She did not care about his obvious pain and discomfort

Mistress Katja loves her black spiked heels. They make her feel look so good, but the best part of her heels is when she walks on the face of her slave. He is such a fucking loser, so when she stands on his face, she is deeply amused. She even takes off her shoes, and smashes her bare feet into his face to make him smell her feet.

Mistress Katja never fails when it comes to finding a new way to use her slave. She has always wanted a trampoline, so what better than to use her slave. She will jump up and down on his body inflicting a huge amount of pain, but she doesn't care. Mistress Katja will do as she pleases, and her slave must obey no matter how painful it can get.

Mistress Katja specializes in having the best human furniture. She will have her slave become a human chair. The slave knows that pain is not an option, and that he must be her chair for as long as she desires. Mistress Katja will even put her bare feet on his face. The slave will be her chair for as long as she deems, but he must obey.

Mistress Katja never fails when it comes to domination. She is going to completely use and abuse her slave that doesn't follow directions. The slave though being lazy was a good thing, however once she instructs her slave on the stairs, he knows he is in deep shit. She will walk up and down on his body with all of her weight smashing him with her feet.

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