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Mistress Katja is a very beautiful Russian babe, but she can also be very mean to her slaves. She takes this loser out to a paved road and humiliates him by putting money on the road then smashes his hand by stepping on it when he tries to grab it. She adds to his pain and humiliation by trampling him and stomping on him smashing him into the pavement.

Dominating Russian babe Mistress Katja and her friend have a smoke together, but she turns every situation into an opportunity to humiliate her slave. She makes him get on the floor on his hands and knees so she and her friend can sit on top of him with their full weight like he is a human bench so they can smoke. They just sit there laughing and hanging out while humiliating him at the same time.

Lick sexy Russian mistress Katja's shoes clean as you grovel at her feet underneath the table like a good slave. She is wearing her dirty pair of shoes and you are supposed to lick them clean like a good little doggie. if you don't do it she will stomp your face hard with the heavy soles of her sexy shoes. So lick the hot Russian mistress's shoes like a slave.

Russian mistress Katja abuses and humiliates her male slave as she has him lying underneath her in the white seat. Her full weight on top of his body is not enough so she makes the slave clean the soles of her sexy black boots too. The slave licks at her boots to make sure they are sparkling clean as she sits on top of his body with her full weight

Hot Russian Mistress Katja makes this slave foot worship her by shoving her sneakers, smelly socks and sweaty bare feet right into his nose and mouth as she sits in the backseat of the car. The slave is forced to smell the feet of the sexy Katja and he must endure her stinky socks and then get a whiff of her bare feet as she sticks them in his face

This helpless slave is tied to the ground by the Russian dominatrix's Katja and Emely. The two beauties tie his arms and neck with rope so he can't escape and then wrap their hands around his tiny neck. Emely applies pressure to his throat with her crop and Katja digs the hard edge of her heels into his throat for even more humiliation and abuse. Then they hand choke him

Russian blonde Katja puts her slave in his place as she strangles him with her bare hands and gives him a couple of slaps in the face to let him know who is in charge. She also pins her slave down on the leather table with her sexy jeans ass right over the top of his throat cutting off his windpipe.The slave has trouble catching his breath underneath her

Hot Russian chick Katja uses the smother box so she can trample over her slaves face in her sexy black boots, sweaty white socks and bare feet. She has her slave restrained so he can't move his arms and tramples hard rigt over the top of his face as he lies underneath her hard black boots and is forced to breathe in her white socks and her bare feet

Sexy Russian girl katja abuses her slave by using his face as her human chair as she face sits on top of him after having a nice long workout session on her elliptical machine. The hot Russian chick is dressed in her all white workout outfit and plants her cute ass right on top of the slaves nose and mouth forcing him to breathe in her sweaty ass and pussy

Mistress Katja has got her slave right where she wants him as she spits right into his face as he lays beneath her feet under the toilet bowl. It is total control and domination as the sexy Russian mistress repeatedly spits on the willing slaves face making a human puddle out of it. She even tries to play a game to see if her spit can land in his mouth.

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