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She wanted to show him who's boss. And she did it in style. She made him lie down on the sofa, called her friend to assist and then sat on his face with her jeans and smothered it and trampled it

Mistress Katja wanted to show off her skills in trampling to her friend. So she got a slave and then trampled on his face with her high heels. The only difference is this time she did it with her hands as opposed to her feet

Today Katja wanted a different slave. She made him remove his top and trampled his face with her high heels and then again with her bare feet. She did not care about his obvious pain and discomfort

Mistress Katja is a sexy mistress that takes her slave and ties his hands and feet together with rope and makes him lay on the ground so that he is unable to move or get away. She then makes him kiss her sneakers as she gets ready to trample him. Finally she gets on top of him with her full weight and tramples his entire body with her sneakers leaving him in pain.

Today Mistress Katja is really cruel again! She wants to have some fun and sits down on her slave with her full weight! The slave's hands are tied up so he cannot move them. He is helpless and defenseless now! With her sexy butt she flattens his face and takes his ability to breath. This alone is very cruel! But she further increases his punishment and ignores him most of the time!

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