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Sexy Russian mistresses Mistress Katja and Mistress Ljuba face sit this male slave as he serves as theri human cushion. Both girls are wearing their sexy tight blue jeans as they take turns face sitting him. The slave endures their hot asses and pussies underneath their tight jeans as he lies in the smother box breathing in the sexy girls from below. Katja and Ljuba relax on top of him

Russian blonde Katja puts her slave in his place as she strangles him with her bare hands and gives him a couple of slaps in the face to let him know who is in charge. She also pins her slave down on the leather table with her sexy jeans ass right over the top of his throat cutting off his windpipe.The slave has trouble catching his breath underneath her

Sexy Russian girl katja abuses her slave by using his face as her human chair as she face sits on top of him after having a nice long workout session on her elliptical machine. The hot Russian chick is dressed in her all white workout outfit and plants her cute ass right on top of the slaves nose and mouth forcing him to breathe in her sweaty ass and pussy

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