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Mistress Katja has a slave because she likes to have all kinds of fun at his expense. She enjoys to do nasty things to him. She trampled him and she sat on him and jumped on him. She would fall on his stomach and instruct him not to make a sound. It was cruel but he did not have a choice but to endure all the pain that she sent his way.

Mistress Katja wanted to punish her slave by the poop so she inserted her smelly feet in water to lie to her slave that they were clean.

Katja has a good slave at her disposition for an afternoon of fun. She can do whatever she wants with him. Choke him, strangle him, slap him. Whatever she feels like doing with him she can, he knows he has no choice but to accept whatever way she treats him. She is such a cruel bitch and she has no limits. Even when he screams in pain she will just continue slapping and dominating him. What a cruel afternoon session for this dumb slave.

Hot Russian Mistress Katja makes this slave foot worship her by shoving her sneakers, smelly socks and sweaty bare feet right into his nose and mouth as she sits in the backseat of the car. The slave is forced to smell the feet of the sexy Katja and he must endure her stinky socks and then get a whiff of her bare feet as she sticks them in his face

Mistress Katja knows when her slave needs to be punished. She doesn't allow him to find any pleasure without her so whens he is seen at an art gallery, she punishes him instantly. She gets on top of him, walking up his chest and putting her pink sneaker in his face. She forces him to smell her sock covered feet. Just to make sure he understands her anger, she smothers him with her bare feet.

Mistress Katja is a sexy mistress that has a slave that is completely addicted to her feet that is always pestering her about them. She finally injected some drugs into him so he is unable to move and she puts him next to the door and uses him as a human door mat. She then tramples him with her sneakers on and then with just her socks on until he is in agonizing pain.

Time to try out her newest toy! The face trampling box! Lovely blonde haired Mistress Katja uses her new toy and her new sneakers just how she pleases! She binds up her slave leaving him helpless, then she begins to trample his face! She tramples him until his face turns red! Mistress Katja leaves him gasping for air underneath her stinky smelly feet, with and without socks. What will she do next!

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