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Let's do some workout! Today I really like to do some sports. It's a nice day and I have enough energy. But there is one thing I need too: A slave I can torture while I do my workout! And I have a great idea: He has to hold the stepper in his hands - while I use it! But to further punish him I crush his hands under my sneakers! That's the way a workout should look like...! :D

Sexy Russian Mistress Katja tortures her slave by sitting on his chest and grabbing his arm and biting into it very hard. She bites deeply into his flesh leaving bite marks all along the length of his arm. He complained and was throbbing from the pain but it just made Katja bite harder as she gained a lot of pleasure from hearing the cries and squeals of her tortured slave.

For a femdom princess like Mistress Katjas, it doesn't matter how much a slave moans and cries. When he convulses in pain, it's just part of her fun. When he begs her to stop, it just tells her she's doing everything right. In this clip, the merciless girl jumps up and down, landing hard on his body with her feet and her ass while he begs her to stop.

There is nothing sweet and innocent about this one here. Mistress Katja has gotten another slave to torture. This time she has upped the pain level. While face trampling with her skin tight blue jeans she takes her slave's hand and bite into it until his skin breaks before hopping up and down on him. The punishment is almost unbearable but he takes it like a man.

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