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When Mistress Katja gets home, she puts her slave on his back. She enjoys walking in her new shoes but she wants something more. She walks on her slave in them, just to make sure she can walk anywhere in them. She is happy to take the shoes off and walk all over him with her bare feet. She puts her feet in his face. She loves playing her games with him.

When Mistress Katja goes outside, she does it barefoot. She knows that her feet will get dirty but she doesn't care. She comes back in and sits. When she commands her slave down to her feet, he got into position under her feet. She was happy to have him lick the dirt and grit off her bare feet. She doesn't expect him to swallow but she does want her feet cleaned.

When Mistress Katja relaxes, she has to have her feet warmed. She lays on her slave, putting her feet in his face. He has to keep her feet warm by kissing them and licking them. She loves the way it feels. She takes off her shoes and socks so that he can give her bare feet the ultimate treatment. She loves the way he works her feet and makes her feel.

There are some things that Mistress Katja enjoys that is free. She is happy to take her slave with her to wait on another mistress. While she is waiting, she puts her slave on the floor under her chair and makes him lick and suck the soles of her black boots. She begins to have so much fun, she takes her boots off and makes him lick and suck the soles of her bare feet.

When Mistress Katja comes home, she enjoys undressing and relaxing. She knows that her feet stink but she doesn't care. She has to have her slave help her relax. As soon as she gets home, she takes her sweaty, filthy shoes off. She puts her shoes in his face and makes him smell the fumes. She then puts her bare feet in his face. She loves the way he pants and warms her feet.

Katja abuses her male slave by making him carry the training bench on his chest while she does some crunches on it. She gets in a comfortable position as she rests her bare feet on his face with her sweaty, smelly socks shoved right into his nose and mouth. Katja works out hard as her slave must bear the weight of the bench and at the same time breathe

Mistress Katja has a lot of foot slaves out there but there is always room for one more. She wants you to be that slave as she rubs her white heels and pretty bare feet in your face and sits back and enjoys her cigarette. She smothers your face with the dirty soles of her white heels humiliating you verbally at the same time. She than rubs her bare feet

Mistress Katja is a little bit too short to iron her clothes so her boyfriend lays on the floor flat while she stands on him with bare feet ironing. It is not that bad actually because it feels like he is getting a nice massage from a professional. She stuffs her feet up his nose to get a little laugh to start her day.

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