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When Mistress Katja comes home, she enjoys undressing and relaxing. She knows that her feet stink but she doesn't care. She has to have her slave help her relax. As soon as she gets home, she takes her sweaty, filthy shoes off. She puts her shoes in his face and makes him smell the fumes. She then puts her bare feet in his face. She loves the way he pants and warms her feet.

The sexy Mistress Katja leads her loser slave around by his dog collar and even feeds him by throwing a bunch of gummy bears on the floor and than squishing them with her sexy golden heels. She crushes the gummy bears into the hard floor and the slave licks them up with his tongue. She even puts a few of the small candies between her toes so he can grab them

The sexy Russian Mistress Katja has made a nice lunch for her slave by taking two pieces of white bread and shoving them inside her blue Louboutin pumps. She puts the bread in her shoes in the morning and walks around for a few hours in her pumps making the bread all sweaty and mushy from her bare feet. She knows that slaves have to eat to so she feeds him

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