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Slave is in so much pain but can't scream out loud. If he does scream Katja will only become even more cruel and sadistic. He has no idea this was planned for today, he thought he was just going to her house for a cup of coffee. Once he got there she started bossing him around and know he lies motionless on the floor barely able to breath because Katja is sitting on top of his face with her full body weight.

Mistress Katja has her slave leashed and collared, ready for some shoe cleaning. Mistress Katja orders her slave before her on his hands and knees. She presents him with her black high heels and commands him to clean whatever dirt might be stuck to the bottom of it. He obeys, licking and kissing her shoe, taking care to clean it properly. As a reward, he's allowed to worship her bare feet.

Mistress Katja has decided to punish a misbehaving slave, and nothing cures misbehavior like getting the breath strangled out of you. First blonde, sexy Mistress Katja uses her hands to strangle her slave. She then changes position, trapping his face between his thighs, squeezing his neck until his face begins to turn red. She switches positions again, pushing her foot against his windpipe. Her slave's face turns redder with each position, pushing him to the point of blackout.

To her slave, Mistress Katja's black suede boots are the ultimate persuader. She orders him to lie down against a wall---she can't have him trying to squirm away once the pain starts---and begins to trample him. The spikes of her heels dig into his chest and torso, and he screams in pain. All the better for Mistress Katja: she loves it when men suffer beneath her. While her slave gasps in pain, she strips off her shoes and continues to trample him.

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