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Katja has a good slave at her disposition for an afternoon of fun. She can do whatever she wants with him. Choke him, strangle him, slap him. Whatever she feels like doing with him she can, he knows he has no choice but to accept whatever way she treats him. She is such a cruel bitch and she has no limits. Even when he screams in pain she will just continue slapping and dominating him. What a cruel afternoon session for this dumb slave.

To her slave, Mistress Katja's black suede boots are the ultimate persuader. She orders him to lie down against a wall---she can't have him trying to squirm away once the pain starts---and begins to trample him. The spikes of her heels dig into his chest and torso, and he screams in pain. All the better for Mistress Katja: she loves it when men suffer beneath her. While her slave gasps in pain, she strips off her shoes and continues to trample him.

When it comes to face sitting, nobody does it like Mistress Katja! This blonde haired vixen knows just what she is doing, and she is really good at it! Watch her sit on this poor slaves face! You can sure tell she is enjoying every minute of this torture! She even sits in front of the mirror looking at herself, admiring her beauty while he is being smothered! You can even hear him moan!

A good spitting all over your face is what you deserve. Mistress Katja is bent over showing her angel face but what comes out is no way near lady like. She imagines this spit coming out and onto the table is your face instead. She would love to smear her saliva all over and watch you gag on her spit cocktail while she is laughing at your weakness.

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