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When Mistress Katja gets dressed, she is ready to go through her home, enjoying her off day. He slave knows what he is supposed to do and he does it well. She hates to sit on anything cold so he lays across any chair she is about to sit on so that her royal ass doesn't touch the cold material. She loves having those special benefits. She loves sitting on a warm person instead.

Mistress Katja truely has no limits when it comes to cruelty. She ordered a slave to lie on the floor so she can sit on top of him with her full body weight. If that isn't bad enough, she now starts slapping his face with full force. The slave is in so much pain but can't show it. He knows that Katja is waiting for this moment, if he shows her pain she will only become more cruel and brutal.

Workouts are boring as hell and Katja really doesn't like to do it but she knows she has to. To spice things up she has her slave lie on the floor while she puts her exercise bench on his chest and throat nearly choking him to death but of course this sexy mistress would not let it go that far but she gets it close and loves the face expression from him.

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