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Mistress Katja truely has no limits when it comes to cruelty. She ordered a slave to lie on the floor so she can sit on top of him with her full body weight. If that isn't bad enough, she now starts slapping his face with full force. The slave is in so much pain but can't show it. He knows that Katja is waiting for this moment, if he shows her pain she will only become more cruel and brutal.

Mistress Katja's new slave does not know what to expect when he is called over to her place. He is ordered to lie on the sofa with his face up. Now Katja approaches him and sits on his face. Wow! He never had this happen to him before, what kind of cruel and unusual punishment is this? He is having trouble breathing but can't even scream for help as Katja is sitting on top of his mouth and nose. He will soon pass out if Katja does not allow him to breath

Mistress Katja uses her full weight to its full advantage every time she smothers her slaves, but there's nothing like adding a bot of gravity to a face-sitting session. With her slave lying behind her, she uses her full strength to launch herself into the air, thrusting backward and landing square on her slave's chest and face. Each jump knocks more and more air out of this slave and he screams in pain.

Mistress Katja and a sexy friend force their slave's head into a smother box. They've decided it will be nice to sit down for a while; trampling is a lot of fun, but it can sure take the wind out of these sexy goddesses. Wearing tight blue jeans, both Dominatrixes sit on this turd's face, smothering him. Even when he's running dangerously low on air, there's no escape for this slave, especially when both women crush his face beneath their weight at the same time.

When it comes to face sitting, nobody does it like Mistress Katja! This blonde haired vixen knows just what she is doing, and she is really good at it! Watch her sit on this poor slaves face! You can sure tell she is enjoying every minute of this torture! She even sits in front of the mirror looking at herself, admiring her beauty while he is being smothered! You can even hear him moan!

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