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Slave is in so much pain but can't scream out loud. If he does scream Katja will only become even more cruel and sadistic. He has no idea this was planned for today, he thought he was just going to her house for a cup of coffee. Once he got there she started bossing him around and know he lies motionless on the floor barely able to breath because Katja is sitting on top of his face with her full body weight.

Mistress Katja is a sexy brunette mistress wearing a sexy pair of sleek black high heels as she breaks them in using her slave. She makes him lay on the floor flat on his back and she gets on top of him with her full weight pressing down on his skin. Later she sits on his face with her jeans covered ass and tramples his body with her nylon covered feet.

Mistress Katja will never turn down an offer to smother a slave. She is very happy to assist, and she will even put on her favorite jeans. Once her slave arrives, she is going to smash, crush, and smother her slave. When her slave is begging for her to stop, she still will not. Mistress Katja is so happy as she sits on the slave.

Comfort and happiness is what Mistress Katja wants. She wants to be able to apply her make up so she rests her round ass on the face of her slave. She knows the smell of her ass will drive him crazy as he sniffs it through the denim. She loves to smother him, forcing him to inhale the air from her ass and pussy. She is able to apply her makeup with him as her stool.

Today Mistress Katja is really cruel again! She wants to have some fun and sits down on her slave with her full weight! The slave's hands are tied up so he cannot move them. He is helpless and defenseless now! With her sexy butt she flattens his face and takes his ability to breath. This alone is very cruel! But she further increases his punishment and ignores him most of the time!

The sexy Russian goddess Miss Katja has some fun with her slave by face sitting on top of him in her sexy white jeans. She stuffs one of her socks in the slaves mouth and than proceeds to put her nice round ass right on top of him as he lies on the couch. Mistress Katja loves her fans and she gave this guy his wish by face sitting on him

This slave is the absolutely best slave that this sexy blonde girl has ever had in her life. She makes a special box for him to put his face in and then she begins to punish him. She puts her round ass right on top of his face while she is wearing some jeans. She crushes his nose and then she begins to fart all over his face while laughing.

When it comes to face sitting, nobody does it like Mistress Katja! This blonde haired vixen knows just what she is doing, and she is really good at it! Watch her sit on this poor slaves face! You can sure tell she is enjoying every minute of this torture! She even sits in front of the mirror looking at herself, admiring her beauty while he is being smothered! You can even hear him moan!

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