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Sexy foot fetish babe Mistress Katja just got a new car and she doesn't want to get it dirty, so it's a good thing that she has a foot slave. She makes him go outdoors and open her car door for her. She sits inside the car and raises her foot up and the soles of her shoes are dirty from walking on the ground. He polishes her shoes with shoelicking before she drives away.

Mistress Katja and her friend Lena have a nice POV for you so you can imagine being their foot slave. They look at you as you kneel before them and they know that you are turned on and have a foot fetish. They take their high heels off and shove them in your face. They want you to sniff their shoes and lick them until you polish off all the dirt with your tongue.

Mistress Katjas puts her nylon covered feet right up to the camera to allow foot fetish slaves to dream of smelling, kissing, licking, and loving this femdom queen's lovely feet. She puts them in many positions to allow any foot slave to imagin what it would be like to lavish attention on her toes, her heels, and her soles as she relaxes and ignores your pathetic desires to please her.

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