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Mistress Katja has spent the entire day walking around the city and now she is home she is ready for her slave to use his skilled tongue and lick her sexy high heels clean! He uses his tongue and licks her heels and makes sure that they are completely spotless and for his reward Mistress Katja lets him take off her sexy heels and smell her sweaty warm nylon covered feet!

Mistress Katjas enjoys a glass of champagne while she allows her slave to worship her nylon covered feet, smelling licking, and kissing them. She soon tires of his pathetic attempts to please her, though, and she turns to chest trampling and then face trampling for her own amusement. The pathetic slave whines in pain, but this femdom queen doesn't care how he feels about how she has her fun.

Mistress Katjas puts her nylon covered feet right up to the camera to allow foot fetish slaves to dream of smelling, kissing, licking, and loving this femdom queen's lovely feet. She puts them in many positions to allow any foot slave to imagin what it would be like to lavish attention on her toes, her heels, and her soles as she relaxes and ignores your pathetic desires to please her.

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