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Mistress Katja has her slave beside her once again and this time he is used a sher human magazine holder and her ashtray. She sits comfortably reading her magazines and when she is done stuffs them into the losers shirt and mouth. She also dumps her ashes from her cigarette on him right into his open mouth. It is a totally humiliating experience for this slave serving Mistress Katja

get down on your knees and get ready to be used as a human ashtray for the sexy blonde Mistress Katja. It is the price you pay for being allowed to see her smoke her cigarette. You must open your mouth and take in all of her smoke and her ashes. You must also receive all of her spit as you will serve as her human spittoon. And swallow it up.

While smoking on her 100s Mistress Katja has her slave on her cold ass floor taking her six inch high heels right in the chest. They actually match his button down office shirt. He also doesn't mind becoming this hot mistress human ashtray either even though it is burning the hell out of his tongue and upper mouth.

Long blonde locks drip off her head, her blue jeans are tight and her tank top is revealing but what she wants more than anything is for you to open up your mouth and become her human ashtray. That means she will let her ashes fall into your mouth and when she is down to the butt she will put it out using your tongue. How do you like that?

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