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Mistress Katja was waiting for her slave to bring her what she had asked for. In the meantime, she spit onto the mirror and when the slave comes, he will have to clean the mirror with his tongue

When Mistress Katja puts a slave into lock up, she enjoys being the guard. She knows that she will have to torture him to get him to admit to his wrongdoings. She wraps his face in plastic, only poking holes through so he can breathe through his nose. She spits water in his face and chokes him. She kicks him in the face with her high heels and makes him smell her feet before he starts talking.

When she knows her slave is hungry, she wants to help them. Especially when they have been good. She takes the time to prepare a great meal for her slave combined with her spit. She knows the taste of her in their meal will be a great treat for them and she wants them to have every drop. She eats and spits their food into a doggy bowl because they will be allowed to eat at her feet.

This stupid spit slave will let his sexy blonde mistress do whatever she wants to him. She has a major spitting fetish so that is exactly what she wants to do to him. She begins to draw on his face, putting point markers all over his face like a human dart board. After that, she begins spitting all over his face, trying to get the most points with her spit.

While smoking on her 100s Mistress Katja has her slave on her cold ass floor taking her six inch high heels right in the chest. They actually match his button down office shirt. He also doesn't mind becoming this hot mistress human ashtray either even though it is burning the hell out of his tongue and upper mouth.

A good spitting all over your face is what you deserve. Mistress Katja is bent over showing her angel face but what comes out is no way near lady like. She imagines this spit coming out and onto the table is your face instead. She would love to smear her saliva all over and watch you gag on her spit cocktail while she is laughing at your weakness.

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