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Mistress Katja and her friend want this slave to cry and bed for mercy. So they trample on his body and make him feel their full weight on his stomach and on his back. He soon enough cries and begs them to have mercy on him

Mistress Katja was waiting for her slave to bring her what she had asked for. In the meantime, she spit onto the mirror and when the slave comes, he will have to clean the mirror with his tongue

Variety is at the heart of Mistress Katja's humiliation and domination. She likes to try different things. With her friend, they brought a slave some food but before he could eat it, they stepped on it with their dirty shoes

If Mistress Katja can't have privacy when she is using the mall restroom, she will drag her slave in and show him what he doesn't want to see. She as she was using the restroom, she saw him peep under the stall. She pulls him in and lays him on the floor. She then steps on the toilet and walks on his face. She will show him that sometimes quiet concern is best.

Mistress Katja doesn't like to be kept waiting and she doesn't like being told she can't have something because her slave can't afford it. When she takes her slave to the mall and his credit card is declined, she is livid. She takes him into the restroom and sits on his face. She then puts his face in the toilet and she is happy to tell him how worthless he is to her.

When Mistress Katja decides to play with her slave, she decides to play rough. She loves pushing him beyond his normal limits of pain. She lifts her sofa and tells him to sit under it. She doesn't care that her heavy leather sofa is resting on his stomach. When she is ready, she sits on the sofa, adding more pressure to him. She loves watching him fight the pain and when he starts to groan, she makes him kiss and lick the bottom of her spit covered shoes.

When Mistress Katja gets a new slave, she decides to push him until she is tired of him. She puts him on a leash and tells him to lick and suck the soles of her high heels. she puts him face down on the floor and stands on him. She then jumps off the couch on his chest, hurting him. She sits down and is happy to rub her feet all in his face.

Mistress Katja doesn't know how to do a lot of things but she knows how to do some things. she knows how to smoke and she knows how to bring pain to her slave. She sits a stool on him and sits there for as long as she smokes. When she finishes one cigarette, she lights another, moving the stool to different places to sit on. She loves hearing him groan with pain. It makes her smoke longer.

When Mistress Katja tells her slave to clean the toilet, it needs to be cleaned. She finds that the toilet isn't clean enough and she grabs the slave to punish him. Rather than brutally smack him, she shoves his head into the toilet so that he can see why she is angry and upset. As soon as she lets him up, she tells him to clean the toilet again or he would be drinking toilet water.

When Mistress Katja puts a slave into lock up, she enjoys being the guard. She knows that she will have to torture him to get him to admit to his wrongdoings. She wraps his face in plastic, only poking holes through so he can breathe through his nose. She spits water in his face and chokes him. She kicks him in the face with her high heels and makes him smell her feet before he starts talking.

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