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This guy wanted a ride in Mistress Katja's car. Before she agreed to his request, she made him smell her stinky feet and sniff her smelly socks

Mistress Katja was in the mood to step on something hard. Her slave was not around and she had no food to trample. She stepped inside her car and pressed hard on the gas peddle

This loser made fun of Mistress Katja. Being in a foul mood, she sought to teach him a lesson. She turned on hin abruptly and kicked him hard and slapped him till he begged for mercy

She wanted to show him who's boss. And she did it in style. She made him lie down on the sofa, called her friend to assist and then sat on his face with her jeans and smothered it and trampled it

Mistress Katja wanted to show off her skills in trampling to her friend. So she got a slave and then trampled on his face with her high heels. The only difference is this time she did it with her hands as opposed to her feet

Today Katja wanted a different slave. She made him remove his top and trampled his face with her high heels and then again with her bare feet. She did not care about his obvious pain and discomfort

Katja enjoys the cries of pain that her slaves let out whenever she's humiliating and dominating them. She likes to take her time and deliver a good punishment and domination. That way it is worth her time and effort

Rainy days are not a favorite of Mistress Katja. She calls a friend over to help her play with her slave. They order him to lay on the sofa and they start jumping and landing on him. They want their asses to make as much impact as possible. They don't care that they are landing on his face, chest and stomach and leaving bruises. They want to have fun with their asses and this is what they do.

When Mistress Katja gets home, she puts her slave on his back. She wants to try to trample him because her best friend told her all about it. She is happy to walk all over him in her black boots. She walks on his chest, stomach and face. She enjoys jumping on him and making him turn red in the face. When she takes off her boot, she toes and nudges his face hard.

When Mistress Katja gets a new slave, she decides to push him until she is tired of him. She puts him on a leash and tells him to lick and suck the soles of her high heels. she puts him face down on the floor and stands on him. She then jumps off the couch on his chest, hurting him. She sits down and is happy to rub her feet all in his face.

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