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Mistress Katja is a very energetic young lady, but she also has a twist of sadistic inside of her. She is going to take her human slave boy and start jumping and trampling him. He is going to be completely beat up by her. She will use all of her body weight and jump up and down on him over and over again. She is so amused.

Mistress Katja is a sexy mistress that is busy working at her office when she takes and makes her slave lay on the floor under her desk. She then takes her black high heels and uses them to trample her slaves face, head and hands as she continues to work. Finally she makes him take off her shoes and lick her feet and rub them as she makes him worship her feet.

Mistress Katja is a sexy mistress that takes her slave and ties his hands and feet together with rope and makes him lay on the ground so that he is unable to move or get away. She then makes him kiss her sneakers as she gets ready to trample him. Finally she gets on top of him with her full weight and tramples his entire body with her sneakers leaving him in pain.

Mistress Katja is a sexy mistress that takes a cigarette and lights it up as she takes her high heels and uses them to crush her slaves hands as he lays on the floor. She takes her full weight and pushes down on the sharp point of her heel on her slaves hand and smashes it with her sharp heel causing him as much slave as possible as she continues to smoke her cigarette.

Let's do some workout! Today I really like to do some sports. It's a nice day and I have enough energy. But there is one thing I need too: A slave I can torture while I do my workout! And I have a great idea: He has to hold the stepper in his hands - while I use it! But to further punish him I crush his hands under my sneakers! That's the way a workout should look like...! :D

Mistress Katja uses her full weight to its full advantage every time she smothers her slaves, but there's nothing like adding a bot of gravity to a face-sitting session. With her slave lying behind her, she uses her full strength to launch herself into the air, thrusting backward and landing square on her slave's chest and face. Each jump knocks more and more air out of this slave and he screams in pain.

To her slave, Mistress Katja's black suede boots are the ultimate persuader. She orders him to lie down against a wall---she can't have him trying to squirm away once the pain starts---and begins to trample him. The spikes of her heels dig into his chest and torso, and he screams in pain. All the better for Mistress Katja: she loves it when men suffer beneath her. While her slave gasps in pain, she strips off her shoes and continues to trample him.

Time to try out her newest toy! The face trampling box! Lovely blonde haired Mistress Katja uses her new toy and her new sneakers just how she pleases! She binds up her slave leaving him helpless, then she begins to trample his face! She tramples him until his face turns red! Mistress Katja leaves him gasping for air underneath her stinky smelly feet, with and without socks. What will she do next!

Mistress Katja has on some bad ass black high heel boots. She is in the mood for inflicting pain on someone. When she finds a willing slave she makes him put out his hands and so she can step all over them with those heels. The pain is brutal. This vixen puts dents all through his poor hands before they start throbbing from her. She ends with her bare feet massaging them.

There is nothing sweet and innocent about this one here. Mistress Katja has gotten another slave to torture. This time she has upped the pain level. While face trampling with her skin tight blue jeans she takes her slave's hand and bite into it until his skin breaks before hopping up and down on him. The punishment is almost unbearable but he takes it like a man.

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