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This helpless slave is tied to the ground by the Russian dominatrix's Katja and Emely. The two beauties tie his arms and neck with rope so he can't escape and then wrap their hands around his tiny neck. Emely applies pressure to his throat with her crop and Katja digs the hard edge of her heels into his throat for even more humiliation and abuse. Then they hand choke him

Russian blonde Katja puts her slave in his place as she strangles him with her bare hands and gives him a couple of slaps in the face to let him know who is in charge. She also pins her slave down on the leather table with her sexy jeans ass right over the top of his throat cutting off his windpipe.The slave has trouble catching his breath underneath her

Hot Russian chick Katja uses the smother box so she can trample over her slaves face in her sexy black boots, sweaty white socks and bare feet. She has her slave restrained so he can't move his arms and tramples hard rigt over the top of his face as he lies underneath her hard black boots and is forced to breathe in her white socks and her bare feet

Sexy Russian girl katja abuses her slave by using his face as her human chair as she face sits on top of him after having a nice long workout session on her elliptical machine. The hot Russian chick is dressed in her all white workout outfit and plants her cute ass right on top of the slaves nose and mouth forcing him to breathe in her sweaty ass and pussy

Mistress Katja has her slave beside her once again and this time he is used a sher human magazine holder and her ashtray. She sits comfortably reading her magazines and when she is done stuffs them into the losers shirt and mouth. She also dumps her ashes from her cigarette on him right into his open mouth. It is a totally humiliating experience for this slave serving Mistress Katja

Mistress Katja dominates her pathetic slave as she works at her office and has him underneath her chair like a little worm begging for attention. The slaves palms are pinned underneath the office chair so he cannot move and Mistress Katja rubs her black high heeled shoes right into his face. He is forced to worship and kiss her sexy feet while she does her work and lick the dirt

Mistress Katja has got her slave right where she wants him as she spits right into his face as he lays beneath her feet under the toilet bowl. It is total control and domination as the sexy Russian mistress repeatedly spits on the willing slaves face making a human puddle out of it. She even tries to play a game to see if her spit can land in his mouth.

The sexy Mistress Katja leads her loser slave around by his dog collar and even feeds him by throwing a bunch of gummy bears on the floor and than squishing them with her sexy golden heels. She crushes the gummy bears into the hard floor and the slave licks them up with his tongue. She even puts a few of the small candies between her toes so he can grab them

The sexy Russian Mistress Katja has made a nice lunch for her slave by taking two pieces of white bread and shoving them inside her blue Louboutin pumps. She puts the bread in her shoes in the morning and walks around for a few hours in her pumps making the bread all sweaty and mushy from her bare feet. She knows that slaves have to eat to so she feeds him

Mistress Katja has a lot of foot slaves out there but there is always room for one more. She wants you to be that slave as she rubs her white heels and pretty bare feet in your face and sits back and enjoys her cigarette. She smothers your face with the dirty soles of her white heels humiliating you verbally at the same time. She than rubs her bare feet

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