Katja's Domination - Katja's femdom diary - Page 6

When Mistress Katja goes outside, she does it barefoot. She knows that her feet will get dirty but she doesn't care. She comes back in and sits. When she commands her slave down to her feet, he got into position under her feet. She was happy to have him lick the dirt and grit off her bare feet. She doesn't expect him to swallow but she does want her feet cleaned.

When Mistress Katja relaxes, she has to have her feet warmed. She lays on her slave, putting her feet in his face. He has to keep her feet warm by kissing them and licking them. She loves the way it feels. She takes off her shoes and socks so that he can give her bare feet the ultimate treatment. She loves the way he works her feet and makes her feel.

There are some things that Mistress Katja enjoys that is free. She is happy to take her slave with her to wait on another mistress. While she is waiting, she puts her slave on the floor under her chair and makes him lick and suck the soles of her black boots. She begins to have so much fun, she takes her boots off and makes him lick and suck the soles of her bare feet.

When Mistress Katja gets home, she puts her slave on his back. She wants to try to trample him because her best friend told her all about it. She is happy to walk all over him in her black boots. She walks on his chest, stomach and face. She enjoys jumping on him and making him turn red in the face. When she takes off her boot, she toes and nudges his face hard.

When Mistress Katja gets a new slave, she decides to push him until she is tired of him. She puts him on a leash and tells him to lick and suck the soles of her high heels. she puts him face down on the floor and stands on him. She then jumps off the couch on his chest, hurting him. She sits down and is happy to rub her feet all in his face.

Mistress Katja doesn't know how to do a lot of things but she knows how to do some things. she knows how to smoke and she knows how to bring pain to her slave. She sits a stool on him and sits there for as long as she smokes. When she finishes one cigarette, she lights another, moving the stool to different places to sit on. She loves hearing him groan with pain. It makes her smoke longer.

When Mistress Katja gets home, she immediately binds her slave. She is happy to put him on the floor and sit in his face. She knows that he doesn't understand why she has her ass in his face or why his breathe is warming her crotch. She doesn't have to explain, she just sits there. She doesn't care that her weight is hurting his face. She loves her seat and intends on staying put for a while.

When Mistress Katja tells her slave to clean the toilet, it needs to be cleaned. She finds that the toilet isn't clean enough and she grabs the slave to punish him. Rather than brutally smack him, she shoves his head into the toilet so that he can see why she is angry and upset. As soon as she lets him up, she tells him to clean the toilet again or he would be drinking toilet water.

When Mistress Katja decided to get dressed, she needed help. She called her slave over to her and had him lie down. She stepped on his head and started looking through her clothing racks for something cute to wear. As she looked, she had to shift her weigh. It didn't matter to her that he was hurting, she needed the boost to see what she wanted. She didn't pick anything from the closet to wear after all.

When Mistress Katja starts playing with her slave, she makes him very uncomfortable. She finds the oldest, smelliest pair of jeans she has and lays them on the couch. She finds the matching panties and calls him over. She stuffs his mouth with her dirty panties and puts his head down on the stinky jeans. She sits on his neck to make sure that he understands how much she wants him to sniff her filth.

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