Katja's Domination - Katja's femdom diary - Page 7

When Mistress Katja gets home, she starts a new game. She puts her slave under a wooden slat and starts to walk all over it. She knows that he is hurting but she continues to walk on it. She takes her shoe off and makes him sniff it. Then she continues to walk all over him, putting her dirty socks in his face too. She loves the way he begs for release. She walks until she is tired.

When Mistress Katja gets home, she knows what she wants. She has to have her feet addressed and if she doesn't get it done quickly, she gets angry. She sits in her favorite chair and calls her slave over to her. She holds her foot up and demands her slave take the shoe off. When her shoes are off, she wants her feet to be smelled and licked through her thick tights.

When Mistress Katja comes home, she enjoys undressing and relaxing. She knows that her feet stink but she doesn't care. She has to have her slave help her relax. As soon as she gets home, she takes her sweaty, filthy shoes off. She puts her shoes in his face and makes him smell the fumes. She then puts her bare feet in his face. She loves the way he pants and warms her feet.

When Mistress Katja puts a slave into lock up, she enjoys being the guard. She knows that she will have to torture him to get him to admit to his wrongdoings. She wraps his face in plastic, only poking holes through so he can breathe through his nose. She spits water in his face and chokes him. She kicks him in the face with her high heels and makes him smell her feet before he starts talking.

When Mistress Katja gets a new pair of jeans, she can't wait to show them to her slave. She puts her slave on the floor in the dressing room and sits on his face. She loves felling him struggle to breathe. She knows that he is sniffing all of her ass and pussy. She knows that he is hurting but she doesn't care. She needs him to have a close up view of her new jeans.

Mistress Katja truely has no limits when it comes to cruelty. She ordered a slave to lie on the floor so she can sit on top of him with her full body weight. If that isn't bad enough, she now starts slapping his face with full force. The slave is in so much pain but can't show it. He knows that Katja is waiting for this moment, if he shows her pain she will only become more cruel and brutal.

Slave is in so much pain but can't scream out loud. If he does scream Katja will only become even more cruel and sadistic. He has no idea this was planned for today, he thought he was just going to her house for a cup of coffee. Once he got there she started bossing him around and know he lies motionless on the floor barely able to breath because Katja is sitting on top of his face with her full body weight.

Katja has a good slave at her disposition for an afternoon of fun. She can do whatever she wants with him. Choke him, strangle him, slap him. Whatever she feels like doing with him she can, he knows he has no choice but to accept whatever way she treats him. She is such a cruel bitch and she has no limits. Even when he screams in pain she will just continue slapping and dominating him. What a cruel afternoon session for this dumb slave.

Mistress Katja's new slave does not know what to expect when he is called over to her place. He is ordered to lie on the sofa with his face up. Now Katja approaches him and sits on his face. Wow! He never had this happen to him before, what kind of cruel and unusual punishment is this? He is having trouble breathing but can't even scream for help as Katja is sitting on top of his mouth and nose. He will soon pass out if Katja does not allow him to breath

Mistress Katja is a super hot mistress that loves to get on her pink boots and do humiliating things to her slave. She will have one of her favorite slaves come over, because she is ready for some hardcore trampling fun. Her slave will be in so much pain as she jumps on his body over and over. Mistress Katja is laughing at what a loser he is.

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