Katja's Domination - Katja's femdom diary - Page 13

The sexy Russian Mistress Katja has made a nice lunch for her slave by taking two pieces of white bread and shoving them inside her blue Louboutin pumps. She puts the bread in her shoes in the morning and walks around for a few hours in her pumps making the bread all sweaty and mushy from her bare feet. She knows that slaves have to eat to so she feeds him

Mistress Katja has a lot of foot slaves out there but there is always room for one more. She wants you to be that slave as she rubs her white heels and pretty bare feet in your face and sits back and enjoys her cigarette. She smothers your face with the dirty soles of her white heels humiliating you verbally at the same time. She than rubs her bare feet

Sexy Russian Mistress Katja tortures her slave by sitting on his chest and grabbing his arm and biting into it very hard. She bites deeply into his flesh leaving bite marks all along the length of his arm. He complained and was throbbing from the pain but it just made Katja bite harder as she gained a lot of pleasure from hearing the cries and squeals of her tortured slave.

Russian dominatrix Mistress Katja blindfolds and binds her slaves hands behind his back so he is powerless and can't see what's going to happen. First she tramples all over his body in her red and yellow sneakers and than does some nice butt drops on him in her sexy blue jeans. She also smothers him under her ass and forces him to smell her stinky shoes and socks and bare feet

Mistress Katja humiliates her foot slave as she steps all over his torso and his face with her sexy grey boots. First she gives the slave a good chest trampling as she walks all over him as he lays on the floor. Than she sits on the couch and rubs her boots on the slaves face making him lick every speck of dirt of her sexy boots with his tongue

The sexy Russian goddess Miss Katja has some fun with her slave by face sitting on top of him in her sexy white jeans. She stuffs one of her socks in the slaves mouth and than proceeds to put her nice round ass right on top of him as he lies on the couch. Mistress Katja loves her fans and she gave this guy his wish by face sitting on him

Mistress Katja has her slave leashed and collared, ready for some shoe cleaning. Mistress Katja orders her slave before her on his hands and knees. She presents him with her black high heels and commands him to clean whatever dirt might be stuck to the bottom of it. He obeys, licking and kissing her shoe, taking care to clean it properly. As a reward, he's allowed to worship her bare feet.

Mistress Katja uses her full weight to its full advantage every time she smothers her slaves, but there's nothing like adding a bot of gravity to a face-sitting session. With her slave lying behind her, she uses her full strength to launch herself into the air, thrusting backward and landing square on her slave's chest and face. Each jump knocks more and more air out of this slave and he screams in pain.

Mistress Katja and a sexy friend force their slave's head into a smother box. They've decided it will be nice to sit down for a while; trampling is a lot of fun, but it can sure take the wind out of these sexy goddesses. Wearing tight blue jeans, both Dominatrixes sit on this turd's face, smothering him. Even when he's running dangerously low on air, there's no escape for this slave, especially when both women crush his face beneath their weight at the same time.

Mistress Katja has decided to punish a misbehaving slave, and nothing cures misbehavior like getting the breath strangled out of you. First blonde, sexy Mistress Katja uses her hands to strangle her slave. She then changes position, trapping his face between his thighs, squeezing his neck until his face begins to turn red. She switches positions again, pushing her foot against his windpipe. Her slave's face turns redder with each position, pushing him to the point of blackout.

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