Katja's Domination - Katja's femdom diary - Page 16

Sadistic mistress Katja will humiliate her slaves to the fullest extent even if it means that they won't be able to breathe. She treats this pathetic slave like her human couch, as she tells him to lay down with his face up! She sits on his face with her hard jeans. She puts here full weight on him, with her ass smothering him! This sexy femdom only gets up to make sure that he isn't dead, and then sits right back on his loser face!

Mistress Katja has on some bad ass black high heel boots. She is in the mood for inflicting pain on someone. When she finds a willing slave she makes him put out his hands and so she can step all over them with those heels. The pain is brutal. This vixen puts dents all through his poor hands before they start throbbing from her. She ends with her bare feet massaging them.

While smoking on her 100s Mistress Katja has her slave on her cold ass floor taking her six inch high heels right in the chest. They actually match his button down office shirt. He also doesn't mind becoming this hot mistress human ashtray either even though it is burning the hell out of his tongue and upper mouth.

Workouts are boring as hell and Katja really doesn't like to do it but she knows she has to. To spice things up she has her slave lie on the floor while she puts her exercise bench on his chest and throat nearly choking him to death but of course this sexy mistress would not let it go that far but she gets it close and loves the face expression from him.

When Katja tells you to do something, you better do it. On a date this mistress gets a little bored with this nerd and drags him into the bathroom to blow some steam. No she is not fucking him but she is chest trampling with her six inch high heels on first and then bare foot for his face. Even other women coming in and seeing her punishment are clapping for her being so dominant.

The newest employee is such an ass kisser. And who wouldn't be to beautiful Mistress Katja. In order for him to keep his job he has to crawl underneath her desk and lick the hot spit dripping off of her high heels along with the dirt from walking through the dirty sidewalk. With windows everyone can see what this ass kisser is willing to do. Well at least he keeps his job for the time being.

Mistress Katja did not expect her new black boots to get so dirty so quick. But they are and thank god she has clout at her job because she was able to find the nerdy boy in the cubicle next to her to get on his knees, despite the humiliation and lick the dirt from her soles and around the edges until she is satisfied. Everyone in the office had a laugh that day.

Mistress Katja is a little bit too short to iron her clothes so her boyfriend lays on the floor flat while she stands on him with bare feet ironing. It is not that bad actually because it feels like he is getting a nice massage from a professional. She stuffs her feet up his nose to get a little laugh to start her day.

There is nothing sweet and innocent about this one here. Mistress Katja has gotten another slave to torture. This time she has upped the pain level. While face trampling with her skin tight blue jeans she takes her slave's hand and bite into it until his skin breaks before hopping up and down on him. The punishment is almost unbearable but he takes it like a man.

She doesn't have a chair to sit at by her vanity table so she gets her boyfriend to be her human chair. Katja does her makeup and brushes her hair getting ready for a day at work. She doesn't care that her man's neck is throbbing from her sitting on it for so long. If he complains he will be sleeping on the couch tonight which means no pussy for him.

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