Katja's Domination - Katja's femdom diary - Page 3

Mistress Katja is a sadist. She can use anything to make her slave experience pain. She used her denim to trample her slave's face

Mistress Katja wanted to punish her slave by the poop so she inserted her smelly feet in water to lie to her slave that they were clean.

She did not feel like swimming today. To have fun, she made the slave lie down and be her mattress and she jumped on his body and made him cry out in pain

Mistress Katja's fetish is to make slaves cry out in different places. She made her slave lie by the pool and then stepped on his fingers with her high heels

She placed her slave on the stairs and then trampled him with her sneakers. She did not care the kind of pain he was in. All she wanted was to have fun

These two mistresses wanted to enjoy their day and they called a slave to make it better. They made him lick their shoes and then facesat on him with their denim jeans

Mistress Katja was in high spirits and she wanted to celebrate. She made her slave lie by the pool and then tied him up. She then facesat on him

This loser made fun of Lena and her friend and he lived to regret it. They made him lie down and then facesat on his face and even farted on his face

This guy wanted a ride in Mistress Katja's car. Before she agreed to his request, she made him smell her stinky feet and sniff her smelly socks

Mistress Katja was in the mood to step on something hard. Her slave was not around and she had no food to trample. She stepped inside her car and pressed hard on the gas peddle

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