Katja's Domination - Katja's femdom diary - Page 4

This loser made fun of Mistress Katja. Being in a foul mood, she sought to teach him a lesson. She turned on hin abruptly and kicked him hard and slapped him till he begged for mercy

She wanted to show him who's boss. And she did it in style. She made him lie down on the sofa, called her friend to assist and then sat on his face with her jeans and smothered it and trampled it

Mistress Katja wanted to show off her skills in trampling to her friend. So she got a slave and then trampled on his face with her high heels. The only difference is this time she did it with her hands as opposed to her feet

Mistress Katja and her friend want this slave to cry and bed for mercy. So they trample on his body and make him feel their full weight on his stomach and on his back. He soon enough cries and begs them to have mercy on him

Mistress Katja's friend wanted to experience what it is like to trample and humiliate a slave. So she got them a slave and taught her friend how to trample a slave with high heels and humiliate him totally

Mistress Katja was waiting for her slave to bring her what she had asked for. In the meantime, she spit onto the mirror and when the slave comes, he will have to clean the mirror with his tongue

Variety is at the heart of Mistress Katja's humiliation and domination. She likes to try different things. With her friend, they brought a slave some food but before he could eat it, they stepped on it with their dirty shoes

Today Katja wanted a different slave. She made him remove his top and trampled his face with her high heels and then again with her bare feet. She did not care about his obvious pain and discomfort

Katja enjoys the cries of pain that her slaves let out whenever she's humiliating and dominating them. She likes to take her time and deliver a good punishment and domination. That way it is worth her time and effort

If Mistress Katja can't have privacy when she is using the mall restroom, she will drag her slave in and show him what he doesn't want to see. She as she was using the restroom, she saw him peep under the stall. She pulls him in and lays him on the floor. She then steps on the toilet and walks on his face. She will show him that sometimes quiet concern is best.

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