Katja's Domination - Katja's femdom diary - Page 10

Mistress Katja never fails when it comes to domination. She is going to completely use and abuse her slave that doesn't follow directions. The slave though being lazy was a good thing, however once she instructs her slave on the stairs, he knows he is in deep shit. She will walk up and down on his body with all of her weight smashing him with her feet.

Having a slave is a big chore, because they need to be trained properly. Therefore, time must be spent making sure the slave knows their place. A slave is going to be trained to clean nylons that are dirty. This means he must know how to lick and suck every ounce of sweaty feet from the nylons. He will be punished greatly for fucking up.

Mistress Katja is the last mistress anyone would want to fuck with. She may look nice and sweet, but her grin is the amusement of standing on a slave's face with her bare feet. She is going to use her slave as a human carpet. She will stand right on his face, and chuckle as he moans in pain. She is so happy and is laughing.

Mistress Katja has a very sexy body. She is build like a brick shit house, so when she puts on her denim jeans it is go time. She is going to sit on top of her slave and use him as a human chair. She could give a shit less if it is hurting him, because he is nothing to her and she thinks he is a fucking loser.

Mistress Katja is a very energetic young lady, but she also has a twist of sadistic inside of her. She is going to take her human slave boy and start jumping and trampling him. He is going to be completely beat up by her. She will use all of her body weight and jump up and down on him over and over again. She is so amused.

Russian mistress Katja abuses and humiliates her male slave as she has him lying underneath her in the white seat. Her full weight on top of his body is not enough so she makes the slave clean the soles of her sexy black boots too. The slave licks at her boots to make sure they are sparkling clean as she sits on top of his body with her full weight

Sexy Russian mistresses Mistress Katja and Mistress Ljuba face sit this male slave as he serves as theri human cushion. Both girls are wearing their sexy tight blue jeans as they take turns face sitting him. The slave endures their hot asses and pussies underneath their tight jeans as he lies in the smother box breathing in the sexy girls from below. Katja and Ljuba relax on top of him

Katja abuses her male slave by making him carry the training bench on his chest while she does some crunches on it. She gets in a comfortable position as she rests her bare feet on his face with her sweaty, smelly socks shoved right into his nose and mouth. Katja works out hard as her slave must bear the weight of the bench and at the same time breathe

Hot Russian Mistress Katja makes this slave foot worship her by shoving her sneakers, smelly socks and sweaty bare feet right into his nose and mouth as she sits in the backseat of the car. The slave is forced to smell the feet of the sexy Katja and he must endure her stinky socks and then get a whiff of her bare feet as she sticks them in his face

Comfort and happiness is what Mistress Katja wants. She wants to be able to apply her make up so she rests her round ass on the face of her slave. She knows the smell of her ass will drive him crazy as he sniffs it through the denim. She loves to smother him, forcing him to inhale the air from her ass and pussy. She is able to apply her makeup with him as her stool.

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