Katja's Domination - Katja's femdom diary - Page 14

To her slave, Mistress Katja's black suede boots are the ultimate persuader. She orders him to lie down against a wall---she can't have him trying to squirm away once the pain starts---and begins to trample him. The spikes of her heels dig into his chest and torso, and he screams in pain. All the better for Mistress Katja: she loves it when men suffer beneath her. While her slave gasps in pain, she strips off her shoes and continues to trample him.

This slave is the absolutely best slave that this sexy blonde girl has ever had in her life. She makes a special box for him to put his face in and then she begins to punish him. She puts her round ass right on top of his face while she is wearing some jeans. She crushes his nose and then she begins to fart all over his face while laughing.

This hot blonde walks through the door and finds this man lying down on the ground. He is begging her to come over and punish and humiliate him with her strong feet and that is exactly what she does. He begins worshipping her feet because she is wearing some nice black boots. She begins standing on top of him and crushing him underneath her weight. He loves every minute of it.

These two women are having the time of their lives at this slaves expense. They walk into the room and he knows that they are going to punish and humiliate him. They make him lie down on the ground and that is when they begin to get rough with him. They step on top of his stomach and begin walking all over him, even on his small cock and his neck.

This sexy babe is going to tease the hell out of you. She has your tiny cock locked up in a chastity belt and she holds the key that she is not going to give to you. No matter how bad you want to ram your small dick inside of her tight pussy, you will never be allowed. She doesn't even want to see your baby dick so she's going to keep you like this for a long time.

This sexy woman is going to show you right nhow how you should lick her spit up off the ground. She walks outside in her big black boots and she wants to show you what a spit slave should do for her. She pulls her hair back with one hand and then begins spitting all over the ground. Now, she would want you to come in and lick up all her spit.

This sexy mistress has some really strong feet and this poor foot slave is about to find that out the hard way. His mistress is definitely into trampling and she is going to punish and humiliate this man like he has never been punished or humiliated before. She stands on top of him, crushing him with her weight. He can barely breathe with her walking on top of him like that.

This mistress loves to put a rope around her slave's neck and strangle him. She has a strangling fetish and this poor slave gets punished and humiliated on a daily basis by her. She wraps the rope around his neck and then begins to pull on it with all of her force. She shows her wimp slave that he is no match for her as she chokes him with the rope.

This stupid spit slave will let his sexy blonde mistress do whatever she wants to him. She has a major spitting fetish so that is exactly what she wants to do to him. She begins to draw on his face, putting point markers all over his face like a human dart board. After that, she begins spitting all over his face, trying to get the most points with her spit.

get down on your knees and get ready to be used as a human ashtray for the sexy blonde Mistress Katja. It is the price you pay for being allowed to see her smoke her cigarette. You must open your mouth and take in all of her smoke and her ashes. You must also receive all of her spit as you will serve as her human spittoon. And swallow it up.

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